What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do? 

Millions of car accidents occur each year in the United States. If you were injured recently in a car accident in Laredo, TX, you may be dealing with medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost wages, and more. You may be able to recover compensation to help you deal with these unexpected costs–and more–if someone else’s negligence… read more

How Long Does it Take to Get a Personal Injury Settlement Check?

After an accident or personal injury, you may need a settlement check to pay bills and get back on solid financial ground. However, pursuing a personal injury settlement can take time. Depending on the factors involved in your case, it could take months or more than a year to receive a personal injury settlement check… read more

What Does Yielding the Right-of-Way Mean?

The concept of “right-of-way” can be confusing, even to experienced drivers. Yet, understanding how the right-of-way works and when to yield is a crucial skill. Texas right-of-way laws create rules for traffic flow and state when a motorist needs to let someone else go first. These rules protect motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.  So, how does… read more

How To Prepare for a Deposition

In a deposition, one party demands testimony from the other party or their witnesses. The testimony is under oath but out of court.  Yes, you can depose the other party or their witnesses–but they can do the same to you. That is how you could end up giving a deposition in a lawsuit that you… read more

How to File a Wrongful Death Claim in Texas

A wrongful death lawsuit is a lawsuit you or your family can file in Texas if a loved one died due to someone else’s negligence. Nothing can bring back a lost family member after a devastating tragedy. However, the law allows a grieving family to recover financial compensation for the responsible party through a wrongful… read more

Types of Commercial Driver’s Licenses

There are many different types of commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), each with its own purpose and requirements. But what is a commercial driver’s license exactly, and how do you go about obtaining one? Here is what you need to know about CDLs in Texas. What Is A CDL? A CDL is a license that allows… read more

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?: How to Find the Best Wrongful Death Attorney

If you have lost someone you love in an accident, you know that nothing can fully ease your pain. However, most states, including Texas, allow you to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who caused your loved one’s death.  A skilled Laredo wrongful death attorney can help you receive compensation for your loved… read more

What Is the Average Wrongful Death Settlement in Laredo, TX?

Approximately 225,000 Americans died in unintentional accidents in a recent year, making these incidents the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States. These accidents can happen for many reasons, some of which are not unavoidable. But other causes of these accidents are preventable, including when another person’s careless actions are involved. If your loved… read more

Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Laredo, TX

Cameras are everywhere these days. Almost everyone carries one in their pocket, many cars and trucks have them equipped on their dashboards, and you see them on nearly every city street. Some of the more common types of cameras that drivers should be familiar with are traffic cameras and red light cameras. What are these,… read more

Recovering for the Wrongful Death of a Loved One in Texas

Someone who suffers an injury caused by someone else’s misconduct can generally file a personal injury claim seeking fair compensation. But what happens if the victim dies from their injuries, either at the scene of the accident or later?  The Texas wrongful death statute creates a wrongful death cause of action that allows compensation under… read more