When someone has the right of way on the road, it simply means they have the right to proceed into an intersection. Car drivers are typically the first ones thought of with regard to having the right of way, but so too can pedestrians and cyclists.

Part of learning to drive is learning when another person has the right of way, and failing to give a person the right to proceed can not only result in penalties but also increase the risk of causing an unfortunate accident. 

Laws in Texas: Who Has the Right of Way?

Determining who has the right of way depends on the particular situation and location. In the State of Texas, specific right-of-way rules are detailed within its various road laws. 

With that being said, the following are some  details about the most important right-of-way rules in Laredo, TX:

The Right of Way at Intersections

Right-of-way rules depend on the situation and type of intersection at hand. Generally, the following rules apply to determine the right of way at such crossroads:

  • Turning left: Drivers turning left onto a road or driveway must yield the right of way to drivers approaching from the opposite side of traffic. 
  • Uncontrolled intersections: The driver must also yield the right of way to others who have entered the intersection from the right. After making an appropriate stop, the original driver can proceed when safe. 
  • Unpaved roads: Drivers on unpaved roads must yield the right of way to drivers on paved roads. 
  • Driveways or alleyways: Drivers approaching a main road from a private road, driveway, or alleyway must yield the right of way to drivers on the main road. 

It is critical that drivers pay attention to road signs and signals, as these can help indicate who has the right of way in several scenarios. 

A Pedestrian’s Right of Way

Right-of-way rules for pedestrians are as follows:

  • Red or yellow lights: A pedestrian facing a yellow or red light may not cross into the intersection. 
  • Green lights: Pedestrians facing a green light may enter into the roadway unless the green light is a turn arrow. 
  • “Walk”: If a pedestrian sign signals “walk,” pedestrians may cross into the crosswalk, and drivers must yield to the crossing pedestrians. 
  • “Don’t walk”: If a pedestrian signal says “don’t walk” or “wait,” pedestrians should not move into the intersection. 
  • No signal: On roads with no signal, drivers must yield the right of way to any pedestrians who are already crossing the intersection. 

Like it is for drivers at intersections, signs and signals can help pedestrians determine when and when not to cross safely. 

The Right of Way for Emergency Vehicles

Under Texas law, drivers must yield the right of way to emergency vehicles that are approaching with their lights and sirens on. More specifically, drivers must safely move out of the emergency vehicle’s way by pulling over and remaining there until all emergency personnel vehicles have passed.

The Parking Lot Right of Way

Another important location where right-of-way rules are usually ignored is parking lots. Drivers on the main thoroughfare have the right of way. 

When it comes to backing up, right of way is determined in that drivers backing out of spaces must yield to the traffic behind them before completely pulling out of their parking spaces. 

Failing To Yield the Right of Way Can Result in Collisions

Drivers must yield the right of way when required, not only to follow the rules of the road but also to help prevent vehicular accidents. Unfortunately, when drivers fail to yield, the likelihood of a crash rises.

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by another driver’s failure to yield, you should contact experienced Laredo car accident attorneys who can help you establish your claim. Filing a claim can help you pursue just compensation for your injuries and related losses.

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