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What Exactly Is LAWREDO?
What Exactly Is LAWREDO?

I came up with the phrase LAWREDO  as a play on the word Laredo.  I thought it would be a catchy way for local residents to remember the firm’s telephone number and website.  It is also meant to distinguish me as a local choice among lawyers. Unfortunately, many people hire out-of-town lawyers and end up having a long-distance relationship with a law firm which is no relationship at all.

More importantly, the word LAWREDO signifies my commitment to the Laredo community.  I maintain an office in Laredo and live in Laredo and this allows me to offer a more personalized level of service to my clients.  My office is open to my clients and they can often find me when they need to speak to me about their case.  I am just a short drive away if they need to see me.  I practice in Laredo courts and I am knowledgeable about what is occurring at the courthouse.   Over the years, I have spent countless hours at the local courthouses handling legal matters for local clients.  This has allowed me to develop personal relationships with court staff and judges.  This is extremely important in moving cases through the local court system.

LAWREDO represents my investment in the local community and the individuals who live in this community.  My office is staffed by local people.  I use local vendors for just about every aspect of running my law office.  For example, I purchase office supplies from local vendors.  I use local vendors for our marketing efforts.  Further, I  support local charities and organizations by donating my time and financial support.  Some of these include the  Laredo International Fair and Exposition, Grace Bible Church, local Boy Scout troops, Volunteers Serving the Need, and United Way of Laredo.   These are just some of the ways I support the local economy and community.

Above all LAWREDO represents my love for our people and our community.


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