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Oil rig workers operate in a hazardous environment surrounded by complex heavy equipment and flammable substances and materials. Accidents in this kind of setting can cause serious bodily harm and even death. If you’ve been injured on the job, our Laredo oil rig accident lawyer is standing by to talk to you.   

There are many safety regulations in the oil industry, but they can’t prevent every imaginable oil rig accident. Our Laredo personal injury attorney has years of experience advocating for workplace accident victims, and we have delivered millions of dollars in compensation to our clients.  

Getting fairly compensated for your injuries caused by an oil rig accident is a complicated process, so you shouldn’t try to do it on your own. Roderick C. Lopez Personal Injury Lawyers is here to fight for you so you can focus your energy on healing from your injuries. Call us today at (956) 529-7336 for a free consultation and learn how a Laredo workplace accident attorney can get you the compensation you need and deserve. 

What Can Roderick C. Lopez Personal Injury Lawyers Do for Me If I’m Injured in an Oil Rig Accident in Laredo, TX?  

What Can Roderick C. Lopez Personal Injury Lawyers Do for Me If I’m Injured in an Oil Rig Accident in Laredo, TX?  

Injuries sustained in a Laredo, TX oil rig accident can be catastrophic and require long-term, expensive medical care. It’s important that you understand your legal rights to receive compensation for those injuries. Our Laredo personal injury lawyer can help navigate you through this confusing process. 

We’ve delivered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. Give yourself the best chance of maximizing your financial recovery by choosing Roderick C. Lopez Personal Injury Lawyers to advocate for you. 

When you hire us, we’ll get right to work on your oil rig accident case by: 

  • Collecting important evidence needed to file an insurance or workers’ compensation claim 
  • Reviewing your medical records and calculating your damages
  • Identifying every party whose negligence contributed to the oil rig accident
  • Helping you file a strong claim for compensation
  • Conducting all settlement negotiations with the insurance company

It’s important to have an aggressive attorney who will stand up to the insurance company when they blame you for your Laredo, Texas accident or argue your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim. We understand insurance company tactics, and we’ll push back when they don’t treat you fairly.  

Call our Laredo workplace accident lawyer today for a free initial consultation.

Who Is Liable for Injuries Sustained in an Oil Rig Accident in Laredo, Texas?

The oil industry in Texas is huge. There are nearly 400 horizontal oil drilling rigs in Texas, and about 350,000 Texans are employed in the oil industry. Given the inherent dangers of the job and the number of people employed in the oil business, accidents and injuries are unfortunately inevitable.

While there are various types of oil rigs, they are essentially large, heavy structures designed to extract oil that can be buried deep underground. When something goes wrong on these towering machines, they can cause serious injuries, including broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage, paralysis, and sometimes death

When accidents do happen, one of the most difficult challenges is determining who is liable for the injuries they cause. Because there are so many people and entities involved in the planning, construction, and operation of oil rigs, sorting out who was negligent is a major undertaking.  

Parties who could be liable for your injuries include:

  • Oil companies
  • Oil rig owners and operators
  • Companies that manufacture dangerously defective oil rig equipment
  • Machine operators
  • Drilling operators
  • Oil exploration companies

Figuring out who is liable for your Laredo oil rig accident injuries requires an attorney who understands how they work. The insurance companies and their attorneys understand the industry and will use it to their advantage to avoid paying your claim. 

You deserve the same kind of knowledgeable and skilled advocate. Our highly-rated attorney will level the playing field for you and protect you against unscrupulous conduct by the insurance company. 

What Causes Laredo Oil Rig Accidents?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 380 fatal injuries in the oil industry in the U.S. from 2017 through 2021.  Oil rigs consist of many moving parts, all of which depend on the others to work safely and properly. 

Because oil rigs are so complex, there can be a number of causes of oil rig-related accidents, such as:

  • Gas leaks and pipes under extreme pressure
  • Oil rig workers who don’t receive adequate training
  • Failure to properly maintain oil rig equipment
  • Machinery malfunctions
  • Fatigued workers

Determining what caused the oil rig accident and who was responsible for it is complicated. Going through the compensation claims process yourself isn’t advisable. Let Roderick C. Lopez Personal Injury Lawyers take on that responsibility so you can heal in peace. 

Call a Laredo Oil Rig Accident Attorney Today for a Free Consultation 

Oil rig workers face some of the most dangerous work conditions. The injuries you sustained in a Laredo oil rig accident can change your life forever. 

You need an experienced personal injury attorney who understands the nature of the oil extraction business. 

Roderick C. Lopez Personal Injury Lawyers’s experience and proven track record of getting exceptional results gives you the advantage you need in order to secure your financial future. Call us at (956) 529-7336 today to schedule your free, confidential consultation. We’ll listen to you, treat you with respect, and provide you with honest answers to your questions. 

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